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So yeah, the Detective Pikachu movie was a thing! by zenmigawa
May 12th, 2019, 5:14 pm
Copy-paste from my Twitter, @zenmigawa.

Ayyyyyuuuhhhh... I have things to say about Detective Pikachu.

As we dove deeper into the latter 4/5ths of the film, I couldn't help but think of one critique from @superbunnyhop that stood out in his MGSIV critique - it would've been FAR more fun, fascinating, and appropriate to explore the themes of the work than storytell a plot.

[YouTube: Super Bunnyhop] Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid 4

I say this because I started checking out as soon as the scene of Tim in Lt.Yoshida's office to pick up his father's apartment keys began, and it only got worse as the film progressed.

The film up to that point, though, was boss as hell to me as an adult Pokemon casual-fan.

I'll admit freely - Tim stepping out of the Ryme City rail station, walking through the Pokemon-filled streets, all the way to the police station... I was shivering the entire time, almost to the point of tears. Pokemon come to "real life." Nothing tickled my jellies harder.

And the beginning scene in the field, with a Tim in work khakis and a tie, being reluctantly egged on into catching that wild Cubone by his appropriately-dressed South Asian Pokemon trainer buddy. Tim's jaded body language, his words... that struck a deep nerve with me.

Seriously, I REALLY wish the screenwriters had leaned in on Tim's ex-trainer, estranged-child, dead-childhood-dreams angle instead of this Hollywood-as-hell detective plot. It would have lent SO MUCH MORE DEPTH to the film's text, and to the franchise as a whole. URRGH.

So as a MOVIE, yeah it's... bland. And it's hard to call it a video game movie because, as another journalist pointed out, the franchise was already multimedia before this film, so it wouldn't be that hard to adopt good film language to Pokemon and not suck.

But that first fifth of the film... oh my god. Personally, "magical" is the only way to describe it.

And it's cute. The film is cute. It's embarrassingly Hollywood, but it's still cute, so... ehh? Watch it at least once?

Also, no Haunter. Disappoint.

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