Welcome to the PCA!
A semi-sequel is in the works! ...ish by zenmigawa
December 6th, 2017, 2:56 am
Heya guys, long time no post! I'm still surprised that this site still continues to get visited, read, and Faved... thank you!

Starting this coming January, I plan to pull this comic out of Complete status so it can become home to a three-part semi-sequel in the works, with two side characters in the focus this time around - Leon al-Sharifi (Lucario) and Raioh Kibamoto (Luxray) and their tumultuous friendship(?) over the winter break. Part 01's already planned out, but I haven't been able to put much to inks because of my focus on my current project. It kinda looks like this?


The hope is that I'll be able to complete and upload each part every Spring of the new year, the way I had originally done Welcome to the PCA!'s three parts back in Japan. I hope you look forward to it as I attempt to wrap up this unsolved thread that demanded in my head be unraveled. Keep watching!

P.S. That "current project" I mentioned before? It's a different webcomic. Please take a gander!


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