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My fingers hurt recently 'cuz I'm barely clinging onto the wagon. by zenmigawa
October 11th, 2019, 7:49 pm
Heya guys. So straight dawg talk, my mental health recently has been slipping into shoddy territory since mid-September, which is why I've been struggling to keep up the minimum page-a-week output in either of my comic projects.

I actually started another round of psycho-education classes through my health insurance around mid-September, and the readings and homework and mental energies I'm dedicating to it to benefit from it are pulling me away from drawing, so that's slippage no.01.
A certain celebratory family event I had to attend in late September that somehow rattled something deep inside is slippage no.02.
Most recently, I'm job-hunting again, hopefully to ride onto something personally big in calendar year 2020. As a friend put it, "trying to find a job contains a lot of the worst parts for mental health." Slippage no.03.
Even more most-recently, I have to help my parents maintain the books for their small business while they're in a long-overdue Asia return for two weeks. Even though the workers know their shit and I can get everything done on part-time hours, there's no dedicated store manager, and I hold contentious feelings towards... a lot about my parents. Slippage no.04.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Not a mental health thing... I just love the game. But it is also why my schedule is slipping.

So, that's what's happening, that's why the schedules aren't being consistent. I feel that y'all deserve to know what's happening so y'all don't keep guessing, and you deserve at least that much for giving me your precious internet eyeball-zone time.
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Flamel October 11th, 2019, 9:57 pm
That's fine and trust me I play Iceborne too. It can really suck up your time but nothing is more cathartic then going out and killing monsters that are basically 3 stories tall and should probably smash you with one step. Don't worry if you need to take some time away, I don't think anyone can blame you as you obviously still have enough passion to keep working on it when you can despite all of these.....things eating up your time. And hey should things calm down and you have more time you can come back right to where you left off.
PS: I am not saying that you are leaving and going on a Hiatus I am just saying if you end up not posting for a while most of us will understand and to not push yourself more than you are able. Ok? Ok.