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My fingers hurt recently 'cuz I'm barely clinging onto the wagon. by zenmigawa
October 11th, 2019, 7:49 pm
Heya guys. So straight dawg talk, my mental health recently has been slipping into shoddy territory since mid-September, which is why I've been struggling to keep up the minimum page-a-week output in either of my comic projects.

I actually started another round of psycho-education classes through my health insurance around mid-September, and the readings and homework and mental energies I'm dedicating to it to benefit from it are pulling me away from drawing, so that's slippage no.01.
A certain celebratory family event I had to attend in late September that somehow rattled something deep inside is slippage no.02.
Most recently, I'm job-hunting again, hopefully to ride onto something personally big in calendar year 2020. As a friend put it, "trying to find a job contains a lot of the worst parts for mental health." Slippage no.03.
Even more most-recently, I have to help my parents maintain the books for their small business while they're in a long-overdue Asia return for two weeks. Even though the workers know their shit and I can get everything done on part-time hours, there's no dedicated store manager, and I hold contentious feelings towards... a lot about my parents. Slippage no.04.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Not a mental health thing... I just love the game. But it is also why my schedule is slipping.

So, that's what's happening, that's why the schedules aren't being consistent. I feel that y'all deserve to know what's happening so y'all don't keep guessing, and you deserve at least that much for giving me your precious internet eyeball-zone time.
So... Anthrocon 2019? by zenmigawa
June 15th, 2019, 8:15 pm
Yeah, so I'll be in Pittsburgh, PA over the 4th of July weekend to attend Anthrocon. Dunno if anyone else here will be interested in that bit of news. I'm not gonna be doing anything particularly artist-y, aside from maybe hanging out in the Zoo when there's no interesting panels or tourism-things to check out, so if y'all wanna meet-and-greet me, I won't be against that.

As far as art requests or commissions, I don't have a solid policy on that yet, but it's better to expect that if I accept, I'll charge you typical-veteran-furry-artist prices for my labor - $45 for inks or some junk like that.

Anyway... Anthrocon 2019, woooooooo.
So yeah, the Detective Pikachu movie was a thing! by zenmigawa
May 12th, 2019, 5:14 pm
Copy-paste from my Twitter, @zenmigawa.

Ayyyyyuuuhhhh... I have things to say about Detective Pikachu.

As we dove deeper into the latter 4/5ths of the film, I couldn't help but think of one critique from @superbunnyhop that stood out in his MGSIV critique - it would've been FAR more fun, fascinating, and appropriate to explore the themes of the work than storytell a plot.

[YouTube: Super Bunnyhop] Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid 4

I say this because I started checking out as soon as the scene of Tim in Lt.Yoshida's office to pick up his father's apartment keys began, and it only got worse as the film progressed.

The film up to that point, though, was boss as hell to me as an adult Pokemon casual-fan.

I'll admit freely - Tim stepping out of the Ryme City rail station, walking through the Pokemon-filled streets, all the way to the police station... I was shivering the entire time, almost to the point of tears. Pokemon come to "real life." Nothing tickled my jellies harder.

And the beginning scene in the field, with a Tim in work khakis and a tie, being reluctantly egged on into catching that wild Cubone by his appropriately-dressed South Asian Pokemon trainer buddy. Tim's jaded body language, his words... that struck a deep nerve with me.

Seriously, I REALLY wish the screenwriters had leaned in on Tim's ex-trainer, estranged-child, dead-childhood-dreams angle instead of this Hollywood-as-hell detective plot. It would have lent SO MUCH MORE DEPTH to the film's text, and to the franchise as a whole. URRGH.

So as a MOVIE, yeah it's... bland. And it's hard to call it a video game movie because, as another journalist pointed out, the franchise was already multimedia before this film, so it wouldn't be that hard to adopt good film language to Pokemon and not suck.

But that first fifth of the film... oh my god. Personally, "magical" is the only way to describe it.

And it's cute. The film is cute. It's embarrassingly Hollywood, but it's still cute, so... ehh? Watch it at least once?

Also, no Haunter. Disappoint.

[YouTube: Folding Ideas ] Is Detective Pikachu Mathematically The Worst?!
Coming updates may be slow due to health concerns by zenmigawa
April 3rd, 2019, 12:21 am
Heya those who read this stuff.

So, yesterday (April 1) was Day 01 of intensive group therapy at my mental health center. (I'm an enrollee, not a staff member - major depressive disorder.) This stuff's going to be three days a week for six weeks, and apparently there will be LOTS of "homework" to do. Thus, post title. I'll do my best to maintain the at-least-one-page-every-Saturday pace, but if I miss an update, more likely than not it's because of group therapy.

Just a heads up!

On a side note, if ANYONE of you out there thinks something within you may be preventing you from having a healthy daily life or coping healthily with life's stresses, and you have health insurance with mental health coverage, GO SEE A LICENSED THERAPIST. Consider it a yearly physical for your mind.

(Unless your designated health care facility's a for-profit organization, in which case run like hell away.)
It's... 62 pages long? by zenmigawa
January 17th, 2019, 12:00 am
Hi guys. Part 2 of "Winter, Broken" has been thumbnailed, and it's... 62 pages long, at least. So what I'll be doing is focusing on the first 30-so pages exclusively, and then over the rest of 2019, I'll split focus between the latter 30-so pages and Chapter 04 of my other comic, Masazume Wars.

I hope to start uploading mid-February, a week or so after I finished moving between residences. I hope y'all enjoy what I have planned for this!
A semi-sequel is in the works! ...ish by zenmigawa
December 6th, 2017, 2:56 am
Heya guys, long time no post! I'm still surprised that this site still continues to get visited, read, and Faved... thank you!

Starting this coming January, I plan to pull this comic out of Complete status so it can become home to a three-part semi-sequel in the works, with two side characters in the focus this time around - Leon al-Sharifi (Lucario) and Raioh Kibamoto (Luxray) and their tumultuous friendship(?) over the winter break. Part 01's already planned out, but I haven't been able to put much to inks because of my focus on my current project. It kinda looks like this?


The hope is that I'll be able to complete and upload each part every Spring of the new year, the way I had originally done Welcome to the PCA!'s three parts back in Japan. I hope you look forward to it as I attempt to wrap up this unsolved thread that demanded in my head be unraveled. Keep watching!

P.S. That "current project" I mentioned before? It's a different webcomic. Please take a gander!


And if you'd like to see more material from me of various types, consider tipping me a buck or two over at my Patreon!